A Minha História da Dança
My Dance History

Francisco Camacho

Edifício Lx Factory, Lisboa PT, November 23, 2013

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Studied dance at the schools of Companhia Nacional de Bailado (1982/83) and Ballet Gulbenkian (1983/4), later joining the company as an apprentice (1984/86). In New York, he attended different workshops and studied dance at the Merce Cunningham Studio and acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. He studied screenplay writing with Luís Falcão and creative writing with José Luís Peixoto. He has been studying voice with Lúcia Lemos.
He danced with several choreographers in Portugal and in New York. Namely with Paula Massano; Meg Stuart in “Disfigure Study”, performing in Europe and USA; with Alain Platel in “Bonjour Madame, comment allez-vous aujourd’Hui, il fait beau, il va sans doute pleuvoir, etc”, in Europe and Canada; and Carlota Lagido in “Lilith” and “Self”. He is still touring with “Blessed” and “All Together Now”, both directed by Meg Stuart.
Since 1988, Francisco Camacho’s work has been presented in several countries in Europe, America and Africa. He choreographed and performed the solos “O Rei no Exílio/The King in Exile” (1991), “Nossa Senhora das Flores/Our Lady of Flowers” (1992, Special Mention of the Award ACARTE/Maria Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão 1992/93), “Superman” (2000), “Hitch” (2003) and “coup d’état” (2006). He directed and choreographed the group pieces “Com a morte me enganas/With Death you fool me” (1994), “Primeiro Nome: Le/First Name: Le” (1994, Award ACARTE/Maria Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão 1994/95), “Dom São Sebastião” (1996), “GUST” (1997), “More” (1998), “Em Troca/In Exchange” (2001, for Companhia Nacional de Canto e Dança of Mozambique), “My Name is Wilde… Oscar Wilde.” (2001) and “Silence so Sexy” (2002). His latest group piece is “Live/Evil – Evil/Live” co-directed with Herwig Onghena. He presented performances in co-authorship with Mónica Lapa (“Bimarginário” 1990), Vera Mantero (“Blá;-blá;-blá;” 1990) and Carlota Lagido (“Sporting Decadence” 2000). Works for non-conventional venues include: “O Príncipe da Rua/The Street Prince” (1999) for a piece by visual artist Pedro Cabrita Reis in the Museum of Bonn, “Laughter To My Heart” (2003) for the exhibition of Francis Bacon in Museu de Serralves, “Performers Anónimos” (1999) for a main street in Lisbon, and “Danças Privadas/Private Dances” presented in different spaces in Portugal, UK and The Netherlands.


“All of us, dancers, choreographers or performers, receive somehow, through different means, more academic or more self-taught, an idea of the History of Dance, or the History of the Performing Arts, from which we feel we ‘descend’ (and perhaps we feel we descend from several Histories at the same time!). There were certainly choreographic or scenic creators that made us understand the art we make the way we understand it today. Each one has a specific idea of how this History unfolded, and for each one there are certain artists and certain artistic movements that helped shaping the idea of dance that one has and practices and that, somehow, is answering to that History. These lectures will give us the opportunity to know the History of Dance, that each person has created within her/himself.”

Vera Mantero


The lecture cycle My Dance History is a project develloped since 2011 by Forum Dança and O Rumo do Fumo. This project, initially implemented in Lisbon, has also been presented in Viseu, Funchal and Barcelona, in partnership with: Teatro Viriato, Dançando com a Diferença and La Poderosa. The cycle has been hosted by: Edifício (LX Factory), Espaço da Penha, Rede de Bibliotecas de Lisboa and Estúdios Victor Córdon/OPART.

Forum Dança and O Rumo do Fumo are financed by the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Direcção-Geral das Artes. This project is supported by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Direcção Municipal da Cultura / Divisão da Rede de Bibliotecas. Website co-financed by Garantir Cultura, Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and European Union through European Regional Development Fund - ERDF.

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Ligia Lewis
27 April, 6:30pm
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Margarida Bettencourt
2 November, 6:30pm
Camões Library


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